Registry Editor


RegCOPA Registry Editor

RegCOPA Registry Editor makes editing your windows registry easier and more convenient. RegCOPA is ideal for people who need to modify registry values regularly. With RegCOPA's shortcuts to registry entries you'll never have to waste time running up and

Registry Editor Extensions  v.2 9

The Registry Editor Extensions 'extend' the Registry Editor included with Windows 95/98/NT4. A combo box is inserted into the Registry Editor which remembers the keys you have edited, and allows you to navigate back to them quickly.


RegMagik Registry Editor  v.

This program is a Windows registry editor. The familiar regedit.exe user interface with enhancements like Explorer shortcuts, fast search, drag and drop,

Small Registry Editor  v.

Small Registry Editor is an alternate of default Registry Editor(RegEdit). It also provide some useful function which RegEdit Do not have like Locate Registry ,

ASP windows registry editor  v.1.0

Complette COM interface to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values from ASP/WSH/VBA/IE/VBS/JScript and T-SQL.

Registry Toolkit  v.

Registry Toolkit is a Windows Registry editor developed by Funduc Software, which allows you to perform multiple operations within your registry like search and replace values, move or export entire keys, automatically expand or collapse all or part

RegMagik  v.

RegMagik is an enhanced version of Windows Registry Editor and combines familiar user interface with a number of unique enhancements including fast search (all matches displayed in the search results pane in the bottom part of the window), drag and d

RegistryTool  v.2. 8. 4125

Registry Tool is a centralized offline Windows registry editor and Windows registry editor utility.Registry Tool operates OFFLINE by importing the Windows Registry creating a safe stand-alone Registry Tool Database file.

RegCoolPro  v.

Advanced registry editor: RegCoolPro is an advanced registry editor.

Regmagik 64-bit  v.

RegmagiK 64-bit is advanced Windows Registry editor.

Registrar Registry Manager Lite 7.51 B  v.751.31124

Registrar Registry Manager offers a very complete and safe solution to administrators and power users for maintaining the registry on both their desktops and remote computers on their network.

Registry Commander  v.3.1.1329.1180

If you are looking at different options to modify and manage your registry, or another option that the windows registry editor of your operating system, Registry Commander could be one option for the thing that you are looking for.

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